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Technic Makeup Organisers and Bags

Heading off to Uni, updating your room decoration, or just simply need a way of storing your favourite makeup items? Technic’s all new makeup organisers could be the solution!

These tough, clear acrylic organisers are the perfect way to keep your ever-expanding makeup collection in check. They come in four different designs and sizes and their clear material means they will blend in perfectly on every dressing table.



The Technic Curved Cosmetic Organiser includes a multitude of compartments for storing a variety of your favourite makeup items. It’s compact shape means it fits almost anywhere on your makeup station!


The Technic 4 Drawer Cosmetic Organiser includes four large drawers to showcase and store your makeup collection. The strong, clear acrylic organiser takes the stress out of keeping your makeup collection in one place.


This crystal clear cosmetic organiser is the perfect way to keep your makeup collection in order. The large sections at the back are a great way to keep your brushes upright and in top condition.


All of these brilliant organisers are coming soon to lovethymakeup so keep your eyes peeled! For even more great storage solutions you may like to try out the Technic Pink Cosmetic Bags!

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Sun Stripping with Technic Cosmetics

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have read our previous post all about contouring. We like to stay on top of the latest beauty trends here at LTM HQ so we were seriously excited to share our latest post with you all!

Sun Stripping is the latest look beauty editors and bloggers have been talking about this year. If you don’t already know, Sun Stripping involves applying your bronzer to give yourself that natural “just been on holiday” look, without the inconvenience of having to lounge by the pool all day (the horror!)

So courtesy of us at Love Thy Makeup, here’s our super-simple way to sun strip your way to a fresh new summery look!


Apply your makeup as you would normally do, but make sure you keep it to a basic base layer. You don’t need to contour or highlight to create this look.


Using a flat blush, gently draw a strip from the top of each cheek (around the ear) to the top of your nose in a slight U shape. Make sure you have blown off any access from the brush before applying the bronzer.

We would recommend using the Technic Superfine Matte Bronzer, for this stage as it’s not too shimmery and leaves a subtle finish.


Carefully blend to even out the bronzer and possibly apply a little bit more to the nose if you feel you need it.

The super soft Technic PRO Blusher Brush would be an ideal brush to use for this.

There you have it, you should not have a freshly sun-kissed look to show off!

Have you tried Sun Stripping before? Let us see your best looks using #techniccosmetics on Twitter or Instagram, we love to repost our faves!


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New Technic products now available on LTM!

The Technic range is constantly growing and we have some exciting new products coming onto our website over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the brand new items currently in stock!

Get Gorgeous Bronze Highlighter 

This highly pigmented highlighter illuminates your skin for a radiant look. Now in a beautiful darker shade to give a long lasting bronze shimmer to your complexion.


Technic Colour Corrector Palette 

Eight carefully selected pastel shades to target specific areas and create a flawless finish. The silky texture of each shades makes blending effortless, comes with handy hints on the back to make colour correcting easier than ever.


Technic Conceal and Blend

Our handy new concealer with blending sponge. This compact tube is perfect for concealing and contouring, a new handbag essential!


The Technic Pro Brush Range

This brush range are specially designed to give a professional finish every time. The extra thick, super soft bristles make them perfect for blending and contouring for a selfie-perfect finish. Available in a number of shapes and sizes for blending, stippling and blending.


Keep your eyes peeled for more product updates, reviews and looks coming soon to our blog!

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Contouring 101

Contouring! It’s the current hot topic that everyone in the beauty industry is talking about, and here at LTM we LOVE it!

So, what is contouring?

Contouring is the practice of enhancing your natural facial features by giving subtle shape to your faces’ natural structure.

How do you do it?

Previously, contouring was only used by pro MUA’s for runway models and fancy photo shoots, however thanks to the thousands of Vloggers on Youtube, more and more girls are learning how to contour as part of their every day routine and looking fab!

Our first tip is, DON’T WORRY, it’s super simple with a little bit of practice! We’ve put together a little how-to below:

Selecting a Product:

There are hundreds of products which can be used for contouring. Bronzers, highlighters, Pressed Powders, Concealers and Foundations. If you stick to the basic rules then you can’t go far wrong!

  1. Only use a matte contour (dark)
    The goal of contouring is to re-shape your face by tricking the eye. Dark colors ‘make smaller’ and light colours highlight and accentuate your features. Anything with shimmer also acts as a highlighter, so don’t use shimmer products to contour, only to highlight.
  2. Don’t go too dark
    Until you are a ‘confident contouree’, don’t go too dark! Start with a product one or two shades darker than your skin tone.
  3. Choose your shade carefully
    For a contour to look natural, you should stick to a product that is within the color range that you would usually wear. If your skin is warm toned, go warm toned. Avoid using products that are very warm, something that is too orange won’t look natural. Instead, look for a slightly greyer version of what you would use as a regular bronzer.
  4. You can blend with cream or power.
    Contouring works equally as well with a cream or a powder – there’s no rules to say you must use one or the other so use the product you are most comfortable with! Both cream and powder can be worn alone or over foundation.

 Applying the Contour:

There are some standard rules for applying your contouring make up. BUT as everyone has a different shaped face, what works for you may not work for the next person. Look online for different tutorials to suit your face shape and have a try!

You can check out our range of Gorgeous Technic Contouring products here, or read our blog post to find out more about them!

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How to survive on a desert island with Love Thy Makeup!

The Island with Bear Grylls is back! And over at Love thy Makeup HQ it’s one of our favourite programmes!

In case you haven’t seen the show, the Island is a reality TV series where a group of 14 men and 14 women are stranded on a desert island for six weeks. During this six weeks they have to survive with no modern luxuries.

Which led us to think, if we were stranded on Bear’s Island, and we could only take a handful of our favourite makeup items with us, what would we take and why?



Because lets face it, who can seriously live without Eyeliner? The handy sharpener means that they could probably last a little bit longer than a gel or pen Eyeliner. Plus we could use them as a pen to write a message in a bottle!



If we’re taking Eyeliner then we have to take Mascara too (obviously)! So by that logic we’d have to take the gorgeous Lashitude Mascara. Plus we could use the shiny metallic casing to signal for help from passing cruise ships, Cocktails on the top deck anyone?



We’d probably already have a pretty healthy glow from sunning ourselves on the beach all day. But it never hurts to top up right? These offer no other survival benefits, we just love them too much to leave them behind!



Blue skies, clear seas and white sandy beaches, the only way to complete this perfect tropical paradise would be with a delicious fruity lip balm in one of six refreshing flavours. (Disclaimer: Please do not eat the lip balms!)



We can’t survive a day without this, let alone 6 whole weeks! Plus a little dab goes a long way, so one tube might just cover us for the time we were on the island!

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Contouring Range by Technic

Hello again! If you’ve read our previous post “Contouring 101” you’ll know that we are huge fans of the craze here at Love thy Makeup, and what better way to show it than with a lovely little blog post giving you a rundown of the gorgeous contouring products from Technic we have on offer!

Colour Fix Cream Foundation Contouring Palette 


One of our most popular products by far! This silky smooth palette comes with 8 gorgeous shades to give you the perfect look every time. For best application use a soft brush or  sponge blender.

Colour Fix Pressed Powder Contouring Palette 


The same gorgeous shades as the Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette, but in a highly pigmented pressed powder, some people find this easier to apply over a foundation base.

Get Gorgeous Highlighter 


It’s easy to see why this is our most popular highlighter, super soft and subtle, this highlighter applies flawlessly for an instantly radiant look. Remember not to use highlighting products to contour, only to highlight!

Colour Fix Bronze Palette


Ideal for creating defining the features and creating the subtle difference in shades needed for the perfect contour. 8 Gorgeous shades means you are sure to find the best shade for you.

Colour Fix Blush Palette


For a complete contour look no further than the Colour Fix Blush Palette, when combined with the rest of the Technic range you can rest assured your rosy complexion will shine through!

Technic Contour Stix


One of our most exciting new products, the Technic Contour Stix offer a  quick easy solution to your contouring needs. These handy crayons come with easy to follow instructions to create Kardashian-esque looks in minutes.

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love thy makeup gets a makeover!

You may have been wondering why we have been a little quiet recently, well that’s because our team have been hard at work bringing a brand new website to our lovely customers!

The new Love thy Makeup site still contains all the great quality cosmetics and accessories of the previous site, with some brand new items from the fabulous Technic range.

The updated site also has a number of brand new features including an all new blog, social media are and product recommendations so you never miss out on a bargain!

So feel free to explore our new site and make sure you keep an eye on our social media feeds to stay up to date with everything happening here at LTM.

Bye for now,

The LTM Team