Technic Colourfix Colour Corrector Palette


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Eight carefully selected pastel shades to target specific areas and create a flawless finish. The silky texture of each shade makes blending effortless, comes with handy hints on the back to make colour correcting easier than ever.

The Technic Colourfix Colour Corrector Palette won a Highly Commended Award in the 2016 Pure Beauty Awards.

  • Pink: To Brighten
  • Lilac: To correct yellow (sallow) skin tones and bruises
  • Green: To minimise redness
  • Peach: The neutralise blue tones
  • Rose: To balance out any discolouration
  • Silver Shimmer: To highlight and brighten
  • Yellow: To neutralise purple dark patches
  • Tan: To warm ash coloured skin tones