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Sun Stripping with Technic Cosmetics

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have read our previous post all about contouring. We like to stay on top of the latest beauty trends here at LTM HQ so we were seriously excited to share our latest post with you all!

Sun Stripping is the latest look beauty editors and bloggers have been talking about this year. If you don’t already know, Sun Stripping involves applying your bronzer to give yourself that natural “just been on holiday” look, without the inconvenience of having to lounge by the pool all day (the horror!)

So courtesy of us at Love Thy Makeup, here’s our super-simple way to sun strip your way to a fresh new summery look!


Apply your makeup as you would normally do, but make sure you keep it to a basic base layer. You don’t need to contour or highlight to create this look.


Using a flat blush, gently draw a strip from the top of each cheek (around the ear) to the top of your nose in a slight U shape. Make sure you have blown off any access from the brush before applying the bronzer.

We would recommend using the Technic Superfine Matte Bronzer, for this stage as it’s not too shimmery and leaves a subtle finish.


Carefully blend to even out the bronzer and possibly apply a little bit more to the nose if you feel you need it.

The super soft Technic PRO Blusher Brush would be an ideal brush to use for this.

There you have it, you should not have a freshly sun-kissed look to show off!

Have you tried Sun Stripping before? Let us see your best looks using #techniccosmetics on Twitter or Instagram, we love to repost our faves!